Get Dark Mode For Snapchat Using third-party Apps

Get Dark Mode For Snapchat Using third-party Apps

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How to Get Snapchat dark mode on Android and iOS Devices? It is not difficult to turn on dim mode on the iPhone as it is simply a change of the Snapchat application settings, yet it appears that the dim mode option is absent in the Android application, and below is a rundown of the ways in which people recognized Slow mode. Step-by-step instructions to turn on the mode in Snapchat.


Snapchat is a well-known online media platform. It allows customers to send photos and recordings that disappear after a few moments. Snapchat is commonly known among youth and young adults. Snapchat is famous for urging customers to send photos that may be private. Photos disappear very quickly, so assuming you send something inappropriate, a partner probably won’t see it. Snapchat clients are more dynamic on their cell phones than other web-based media administration clients, and Snapchat is the third most used long-distance informal communication application.

Meaning about dark mode on snapchat

Dark mode on mobile phone applications permits you to switch between various colors. The highly contrasting interface might be more agreeable for individuals with touchy eyes. On the off chance that you have dull mode turned on, this could be a method for making your interface more agreeable to utilize. By changing the foundation tone, you can make the interface more straightforward to see. It is exceptionally well known now and the majority of the applications and OS support this element.

Iphone process – Dark mode ON

To enable dark mode on your iPhone device follow the steps. The dark mode feature is inbuilt in your Snapchat app on your iPhone.


Open your Snapchat > Click on your profile > Tap on gear icon > Go to your account settings.

Scroll down and in-app appearance clicks on always dark mode to activate the dark mode.

Android process – Dark mode ON

It appears to be that Snapchat has not empowered this application appearance control for dim mode even in the most recent variant of the Snapchat application. This is astounding on the grounds that the Snapchat iPhone application upholds this element well indeed. It is additionally odd that such a famous application doesn’t uphold the dim mode include as a matter of course.

Follow the steps to enable dark mode:-

By activate android os method

Go to Settings Gear App > Display > Dark Mode


By focusing dark mode on in android developer options

Go to your device About phone > software information > build number > developer options > force dark mode.

By enabling dark mode on preference manager

Play Store > Preferences Manager app > app’s main page > go to Snapchat App Start Experiment Prefs.xml file > Dark Mode” flag “Enabled,”


By phone accessibility hack

Go to Settings > System > Accessibility option > Turn on Color Inversion. Another way is via Notifications Pane > Invert Colors

My final thoughts

In spite of the fact that Snapchat hasn’t formally carried out the new dim mode for Android telephones, it’s as of now accessible on the iPhone. In the interim, as you can see above, it is very conceivable to utilize this element on Android. Thus, following the above advances will tell you how to get dim mode on Snapchat, regardless of whether you are utilizing Android or iPhone.


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