How to create an online store on Shopify? Step by step Procedure elaborated by Shopify Vancouver

How to create an online store on Shopify? Step by step Procedure elaborated by Shopify Vancouver

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Shopify is an amazing platform for developing your own online business. Because you may simply create a website on this platform without coding or web design abilities. You can set up a store in a few days. However, for the store to be fully optimized and, as a result, give out a high conversion, it is necessary to approach the development process more seriously. You have to think over everything to the smallest detail to prevent stupid mistakes, which will be followed by a waste of time and money.


In this article, at the platform of Shopify Vancouver, we will analyze the entire process of creating an online store on Shopify, from idea to full launch. So that you can assess your capabilities, as well as potential time costs, and, as a result, make a decision for yourself – create a website yourself or trust professionals.

Why Shopify? Shopify Vancouver Development

Shopify is the perfect solution for creating and launching an online store primarily targeting a foreign audience. The Canadian platform has been on the market since 2006 and, according to some sources, is the second most popular in the world among all eCommerce platforms. More than 1 million stores have already been collected and launched by entrepreneurs around the world.

With such widespread adoption, Shopify contributed over $ 307 billion in 2021 to the overall economic activity of the entire world. For comparison, the annual sales of store owners on Shopify are larger than the GDP of countries such as Finland, Romania, the Czech Republic, New Zealand.


The platform provides a wide and convenient functionality that greatly simplifies the process of launching an e-commerce business and saves time on many tasks. Among the advantages:

  • Ease of use
  • Adaptive design
  • Variety of apps and widgets
  • The ability to connect different payment systems
  • Safety
  • Prompt support service

In the article “Shopify is the greatest platform for launching your own online store,” we discussed the platform in further detail”.

Use Shopify Vancouver Service or build a website from scratch yourself?

If you want Shopify Vancouver service then you can contact us. But if you fully familiarize yourself with the platform and test its capabilities, it will become clear why the use of Shopify is recommended for everyone who wants to start abroad. Despite a large number of advantages of a ready-made solution, many still ask the question: “But can you write a website yourself and not pay for a monthly subscription?”

Of course, you can, if you don’t mind the time to reinvent the bicycle. Shopify is a handy all-in-one solution that gives you the ability to create a cool, optimized website in just a few days. Yes, there are small subscription fees, but in this case, we recommend paying for a cool proven tool. It’s better than spending time and money developing a store yourself from scratch or hiring outside specialists.

Shopify store development process

Further in the article, at Shopify Vancouver, we will analyze a step-by-step algorithm for creating an online store on Shopify, which consists of many stages. Some of them can be easily passed on their own, but at several stages, it is recommended to use the qualified help of specialists. A lot depends on your experience and level of knowledge in marketing, web design, and eCommerce, so for someone, creating a high-quality online store with high conversions will be a relatively easy task.

Creation of the concept of an online store

In layman’s terms, an idea is a set of solutions to a common problem or a model around which an internet business will be built. At this stage, the target audience, the type of store ( niche or single- product), The approximate number of items and categories, needed functionality, and other factors that must be addressed before beginning to build a store are calculated in order to estimate labor costs and project terms.

If you need to develop a store with a unique design, you will most likely have to use a page builder or page builder. If the store is planning to sell digital goods, at this stage, the scheme for issuing files is determined (immediately after payment / after a few days when ready) and applications are selected that implement the automatic issuance of goods.


After you have a complete understanding of the online store model, you can start analyzing competitors and looking for ideas for inspiration.

Searching for references and compiling a table of competitors

At this point, references are gathered, including sites that stand out in terms of both design and usefulness. It also compiles a list of rivals that offer the same or comparable items or target the same clientele.


The simplest method is to capture all of the information you gather in Google Sheets. We propose noting down the important characteristics and benefits that may be borrowed while creating the store next to each site (structure, triggers, texts, colors, applications, etc.)

One of the easiest ways to find competitors on the Shopify Vancouver platform is to search Google for relevant keywords (clothing + or browse site directories (top clothing Shopify stores).


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