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Top 4 Backend Languages for Web Development in 2022

Top 4 Backend Languages for Web Development in 2022

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Website development is a combination of both frontend and backend languages that developers used to make fully functional and interactive websites. The front end of the website controls the layout and website design of the website while the backend controls the functionalities of the websites. Users can’t see what is happening in the backend but developers can understand the languages and the code easily. 


There are many languages available on the internet that is used in backend development. In this article, you will learn the top backend languages for web development. So, let’s start with the Python language.

Top Backend Languages for Web Development 


Python is one of the most capable and best multi-purpose programming languages for Web Development and data processing. It is an open-source language that is simple to learn and use, as well as simple to deploy. It is known as one of the best languages to learn for Web Development because it is widely used to create dynamic web pages and applications.

Features of Python

  • Python’s unique selling point (USP) is its language infrastructure, which is so simple, beautiful, productive, and powerful.
  • This has become an industry standard for developers’ experience and has influenced a number of programming languages, including Julia and Go.
  • Best backend language for Web Development having excellent integration with C and C++.
  • It also has the ability to seamlessly offload the CPU’s heavy duties to C/C++.
  • Python has dozens of frameworks and libraries for computer sciences, statistics, and mathematics, including SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and NumPy.
  • Python is a programming language that is used to create desktop and web apps, as well as applications based on GUI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence.

Pros of Python

  • It is a base for many frameworks and systems
  • It enhances the productivity of the programmers 
  • Powered by OOP
  • It supports hundreds of libraries 
  • It is highly scalable and portable. You can easily increase the scalability of your web applications and programs. 
  • It mostly focuses on the readability of the code 

Uses of Python

  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Serverless computing
  • Development of cloud-native
  • Business applications
  • System programming


PHP is also a great language for backend web development. Moreover, PHP is a dynamic and general-purpose programming language that is employed in the development of server-side applications. It is powered by an open-source platform that is compatible with Mac, UNIX, and Windows platforms.


Features of PHP

  • PHP is a powerful programming language that is widely used in web development.
  • It is widely used in the web industry to quickly design and launch apps.
  • PHP is used in the development of Facebook, one of the most famous and well-known social networking platforms.

Pros of PHP

  • It offers dozens of frameworks
  • It is easy to use while developing the web pages
  • Provides great debugging capabilities
  • It has also a strong community support
  • It also supports functional and OOP paradigms 

Use of PHP

  • Building (CMS) systems
  • Development of standalone web apps
  • Development of server-side web apps


Java is a versatile language that is used for different web applications, desktop applications, and android applications development. It has been used to build multiple applications for decades. Many software developers use this language due to its stability. It is also one of the best languages of 2021 and now will become one of the top 10 languages in 2022. 

Features of Java

  • Java is a multi-paradigm language that has a moderate learning curve for developers. 
  • It is very popular among developers because of its backward compatibility. 
  • It is one of the strongest languages because it did not give too many updates like other languages such as Scala and Python. 
  • Java virtual machine (JVM) is also the best VMs in the tech industry. 

Pros of Java

  • It also offers a bunch of libraries
  • Provides automatic garbage collection 
  • Offers automatic memory allocation
  • Allows a great number of platforms with the help of JVMs
  • Very secure due to the implementation of a security manager in Java
  • Offers APIs to complete necessary tasks

Uses of Java

  • Big Data applications
  • Development of Android apps
  • Web Development
  • Development of enterprise apps


C# basically derived from the C language. It is a Microsoft-developed OOP language. It is designed to develop window applications through the .NET framework. It is widely used to make web applications, mobile applications, and games through Unity. It is also used in iOS applications, Linux Operating systems, and Windows platforms. 

Features of C#

  • Java lacks behind C# in terms of working experience of developing applications
  • C# has a strong community of developers and has immense libraries because it is 20 years old language.
  • It is independent of platforms because of Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Pros of C#

  • It can work with a shared codebase
  • Much more secure than C and C++
  • Based on OOP 
  • The syntax is similar to C++ and it is derived from C
  • Ideal language for any web development application
  • Easily integrated with .NET libraries 
  • Very rich with hundreds of data types and library functions
  • Compilation and execution are very fast than in other languages 

Uses of C#

  • Development of games
  • App development
  • Server-side programming
  • Windows platform software
  • Web Development



There are many backend languages for web development available on the internet. In the upper section, you have seen the best programming languages of the last couple of years. And probably they will be used by most of the developers in the year 2022.

In my opinion, Python is the best programming language I’ve ever seen because of its easy syntax. Its syntax is like English language syntax that is easy to understand and everyone can easily modify it.


But the execution time is very high and it takes much time. But C and C++ are fast languages rather than Python. These languages are used to build different android and iOS applications.

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