Let's talk about Google ads

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You have probably seen it happen. Some links stand out in Google search results just in front of you. Perhaps you’ve seen an advertisement banner on a blog page.    Even when you’re watching YouTube videos, this happens; you got some advertisements over! Most likely, you’ve seen ads before or during videos. Doesn’t it happen…

The TikTok addiction: Why is it so popular?

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 165 total views,  1 views today Videos are such a huge hit among internet users. So, when TikTok was launched back in 2016, it didn’t take long for people to join and start sharing their own short-form videos. Fast forward to today and TikTok is still afloat, getting more and more people to create accounts and continuously post engaging content. But what […]

Get Dark Mode For Snapchat Using third-party Apps

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 283 total views,  1 views today How to Get Snapchat dark mode on Android and iOS Devices? It is not difficult to turn on dim mode on the iPhone as it is simply a change of the Snapchat application settings, yet it appears that the dim mode option is absent in the Android application, and below is a rundown of the ways […]

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