How to Create a Simple Covid-19 Stats App or Web Page in HTML5, and JavaScript

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 34 total views Coronavirus HTML5 widget and App Firstly, create a folder with the name “Covid-19” Create a dummy HTML file with the name “index.html” Create a folder with the name “assets” inside the project directory. Create a JavaScript file inside “assets” folder with the name “covidStats.js”. Let’s start developing the actual HTML5 covid-19 app or covid19 widget. Add starter boilerplate […]

Using Website Design to Engage Your Audience

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 6 total views,  1 views today If you are in the process of designing and launching a new website design, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. The options online are overwhelming for many consumers nowadays, so you need to find a way to differentiate your new website design or web app or from other similar options on the market. Once […]

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